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Characters and Monsters, The Stats

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1 Characters and Monsters, The Stats on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:03 am


I plan on using my rnr rules for stats, combat, crafting, etc. They are versatile, able to cover most genres and styles easily, and yet also easy to implement.

The basic concept is an attribute+skill system, but characters grow mostly in versatility.

There are no classes in the traditional sense, but small ability trees exist which are akin to the primary ability progressions of classes in common rpgs, such as the Assassin tree (which specializes in killing from stealth), as ability trees though, they are not shoehorned into particular character archetypes, and can be mixed in interesting ways (Sniper plus Assassin makes a very deadly long ranged opponent, at least while there is concealment anyway).

A character (monsters are treated as characters) has Attributes, Skills, Features, Descriptors, and Equipment.

There nine attributes, Strength, Agility, Physique, Intellect, Creativity, Awareness, Essence, Aura, Charisma. Some features can improve certain uses of an attribute while penalizing other uses, for example, horses have the Stiff Skeleton feature which improves Agility for things like running, while reducing Agility for things like tumbling.

The Skills are numerous, not only taking advantage of the computer tracking it all, but also giving greater flexibility to the computer where a tabletop rpg might rely on the gm or players.

Features are basically any ability that modifies a character's stats or chances for success, or adds/removes the ability to do something they can't/can normally do. There are two types, those that are activated by the player, and those that are always in effect or reactive and uncontrolled by the player, known as PA (player activated) and NPA (not player activated) respectively. {note: implementation idea, make any action, even moving, an ability, thus making it easier to ,od and implement in the system. For example, moving forward can be an ability that moves the character forward one space and steps time forward when the player presses the 'w' key on the keyboard.}

Descriptors are tags and sometimes simple numerical values. These can be referenced by various game effects to influence their results.

Equipment is all the stuff the character carries around.

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